Ranzau School Middle years Block

“We were wanting to create a space that was calm, inviting and had a connection with nature. Flexibility, flow and functionality were very important factors for the fit-out. We were really impressed with the Learning Spaces Global team, their enthusiasm for creating amazing learning spaces, their attention to detail and innovative design. We were wanting […]

Te Matauru Primary

Would you recommend LSG to other schools? “Most definitely. The support through the whole process has been amazing; guidance on what to purchase, how it all fits together, setting up, and the additional purchases we have made. Your connection with the additional resources provider was valued and appreciated – it was so good having an […]

Te Rōhutu Whio

Acoustic Learning Tree

Working with the design concepts right from the beginning was key to our success in bringing this all together. Ensuring that we understood what the culture was and how we could create spaces to bring in that connection with the local natural environment and history of the land. Incorporating background images taken from around the […]

Ngakoroa School

“The natural vibe, the colour schemes, the natural looking wood really helps to create a space that feels warm and welcoming and family like” – Lisa Cavanagh, Principal, Ngakoroa School