Create quality furniture that adapts with change

You tailor your teaching to the children, we tailor our furniture to adapt to those needs.

The ethos behind quality modular furniture

Shape and reshape your spaces to maximise engagement!

Every learning space is different so why put the same old furniture into every space. Being able to design naturally inspired custom spaces and create something that is made to suit your space is what we are passionate about.

Enjoy engaging new learning spaces designed to welcome success and bring out the best in every child.

Let’s welcome custom, engaging, flexible and functional furniture.

4 reasons why modular design works:

Combine pieces to shape spaces into purposeful configurations

Combine pieces to shape spaces into purposeful configurations

More than any other furniture; tables have the extraordinary ability to transform the look, feel, and function of your space.

All tables are available in a choice of eight popular shapes and sizes. Plywood tables can be custom made to order. Choose large collaboration tables for group work or individual tables that allow students to form their own configurations.

Adapt the space dependent on the learning activity

Create spaces within a space and open up exciting new ways to teach, learn and revitalize students’ minds. Changing the envioronment often keeps the students excited and enthused to learn.

Adapting the space creates opportunities for group discussions, peer-to-peer learning, and interactive activities. Encouraging students to engage with their peers, fostering teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.
Adapt the space dependent on the learning activity

Give students the option to sit and stand

Posture in the learning environment promotes concentration and positive learning. Providing student-focused seating allows learners to flourish and also supports their critical skeletal and muscular health.

Adjustable height legs give you flexibility with the table. Choose whether you want this to be kneeling, sitting or standing height! A setting like Campfire Seating gives you immediate flexibility between soft seating or high stool seating.

Create ‘go to places’ for those needing support

Never underestimate the power of small ‘safe’ spaces where students can go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the classroom. These spaces can be in the form of individual booths or smaller rooms for group work of 2-3 students. In these spaces a student can reset, they feel the freedom to make mistakes without being judged or ridiculed and in general unleash their mind to their inner creativity. Some of the best students work is done in these spaces!
Create ‘Go to places’ for those needing support