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Ever been to the Library or public learning space with an infant in hand? rocking the pram of a grizzling child with your foot whilst trying to search the web or wade through some important online application?  Trying to ignore those looks from others trying to concentrate quietly, whilst your toddler is throwing the ‘I’ve had enough’ tantrum. 

We have the solution in this one-of-a-kind, ready-to-go workstation which combines a private workspace for parent or carer with a built-in playpen right beside you. The Playpen offers 2 x sensory boards 1for endless occupation. This allows your infant to have a play in peace, giving the much-needed break to complete the tasks at hand. The perfect parent and child workstation.

This Parent-Friendly design shows an acoustic tree (leaves made from acoustic sound-absorbing material). 

This workstation can be placed together in a group of units to make an island. 



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