Chillax Sofa

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Chillout and relax on these stunning new sofas made from durable, heavy-duty vinyl and designed so you can configure them in multiple different ways. Perfect for creating Breakout Spaces, library spaces, and collaboration ‘campfire’ setting.


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Dimensions 2000 × 650 × 700 mm

Aqua – Keylargo, Army – Refresh Vinyl, Ash – Keylargo, Brick – Refresh Vinyl, Cobalt – Refresh Vinyl, Grass – Keylargo, Jungle – Refresh Vinyl, Marigold – Keylargo, Mink – Keylargo, Mocha – Keylargo, Navy – Keylargo, Ocean – Keylargo, Paprika – Keylargo, Punga – LSG Vinyl, Rain – Refresh Vinyl, Ruapehu – LSG Vinyl, Slate – Refresh Vinyl, Sprout – Refresh Vinyl, Storm – Keylargo, Tan – Refresh Vinyl, Taupe – Refresh Vinyl, Taupo – LSG Vinyl, Teal – Refresh Vinyl, Waihi – LSG Vinyl, Waitomo – LSG Vinyl


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