Eco-responsible Timber

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand in our Premium indoor range of furniture

In a world of ‘wheatbix’ board and plastic, we wanted to champion a return to long lasting, high quality, natural furniture. So we use FSC certified and CARB 2 compliant Birch Ply as our main material of choice in our Premium indoor range.

Our UV lacquer is the icing on the environmentally friendly cake

When using birch plywood surfaces which requires a UV lacquer we ensure to consider the environment. This is a clear non-toxic lacquered UV finish. This finish is done in controlled factory processes and is therefore difficult to replicate with an off the shelf Lacquer. Care should be taken not to scratch or gouge the surface.

Natural, sustainably sourced timber forms the backbone of our Outdorable range

Accoya is natural sustainable timber, but not as you know it. It has been modified to resist rot, defy the elements and stay strong for decades — and is guaranteed to last 25 years!

Fully recyclable, non-toxic and FSC/PEFC certified, this innovative timber is renowned for its performance attributes and environmental credentials.

As a Class 1 dimensionally stable timber, you will not see our outdoor products buckle, twist, or rot like other furniture, but it will naturally ‘grey’ over time.

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