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Relocatable Outdoor Learning Retreat

Enhance your outdoor learning spaces, create a safe space for students to study, collaborate and feel secure.

Turn-Key Outdoor Learning Hubs

Fully customisable outclass packages which are built offsite and delivered to your school grounds. Our install team will take care of the delivery and installation making this the most simplest and quickest learning space addition you have ever experienced. 

  • Neurodiverse students needing a place to unwind and learn in an undistracting calming environment? It is important to have ‘safe spaces’ where neurodivergent students to go to when they may feel overwhelmed, need to self-regulate, or be supported. The outclass hubs can be an effective solution for a sensory room set up for this purpose and can be individualized for the needs of the student.
  • Outdoor learning environment which provides safe storage and weather protection to encourage more outdoor learning classes. With fully fold-out front opening doors and decking where the students and educators can spill out into the beautiful outdoors where a whole new realm of thinking and creativity can be expressed. Some students who live in confined apartments or over-stimulated city life can find themselves stuck with a supressed mind and an unenjoyable learning journey. Open the doors and open the mind, you will certainly feel the difference. Ensuring these areas are easily accessible for all students, and that furniture and equipment used in OLE can be stored in a functional and tidy manner.  
  • Attendance magnet. Alternative teaching locations for open-air learning to help students enjoy their learning journey. Some students simply dislike being stuck indoors day in and day out, especially since the global pandemic disrupted the confidence of our youth, the unfortunate growth in poor decision-making when options to stay home or go and get a job are at an all-time high. Providing improved learning environments that better suit the needs of the students will encourage positive change in encouraging student attendance and learning outcomes. 

Funding Opportunities

Want one but do not have the funding required? 

We have a tailored sponsorship program to work with corporate sponsors to help bring this to reality at your school. The sponsorship proposal package provides you with ready-made collateral to promote to businesses near you. With a gold, silver, and bronze sponsorship option, your school can reach out to obtain the required funds to acquire an Outclass retreat. Get in touch to discuss how this can work for your school today. 

Key Benefits

  • Built off-site and delivered ready to use with very minimal disruption to the school and grounds.
  • Ready to go packages allow you to put this to use within hours of delivery. Furniture packages to suit ages and needs to ensure the space is functional and beautiful.  
  • Easy to relocate if schools are transitioning to a new site or need something temporary between build projects.
  • Provides immediate additional learning space for role growth and high needs students. 
  • Creates a ‘Retreat’ away from the over stimulating classroom environments for neurodivergent children, those with trauma and other special needs.

Building Specifications

  • The building will come complete with a CCC, built and signed off by a licenced building practitioner.
  • Total external dimensions: 6m x 3m x 2.95m High
  • Decking Size: 2.2M x 6M
  • Ramp Size: 2M x 1.8M
  • Safley installed and commissioned to school regulations.
  • Can be packed up and moved away within a day.
  • Limited damage to the ground and little to no reinstatement needed.
  • Safe & secure for storage  for all your outdoor classroom furniture and equipment.




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A Growing Need...

Children with learning difficulties and trauma often require a safe and supportive environment to thrive in a school setting. Many of these children struggle with sensory sensitivities and can become easily overwhelmed by loud noises and crowded spaces. Having a quiet and calming space to retreat to can be essential for their well-being and ability to learn effectively. According to a recent survey, over 91% of the schools that reported back stated a lack of dedicated spaces for neurodiverse children. This lack of suitable spaces can significantly impact these children's ability to cope with the demands of a traditional classroom setting. In addition, having a designated safe space can also provide much-needed support for teachers and educators who often find themselves juggling the roles of teaching and counseling. By providing a dedicated space, educators can better focus on their teaching responsibilities, knowing that these children have a supportive environment to turn to when needed. “Providing a dedicated, quiet space for these children can offer them a sense of safety and security, allowing them to regulate their emotions and focus on their learning.”