Design natural environments to inspire learning

Learn why encorporating biophilic elements sits at the heart of our design ethos.

The importance of bringing biophilic elements into your learning space

Biophilic design (bringing the outdoors in) has been proven to reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought and improve our wellbeing. By incorporating biophilic elements teachers and students alike gain head space and feel like they have their own place to settle, explore and be creative. This has endless benefits as it gives teachers the opportunity to build stronger relationships with students, gifting the students with optimal learning experiences daily.

LSG provides that missing link between nature and educational environments stimulating positive effects on development, health, and well-being. 

Elements in creating a natural learning environment:

Create a connection to nature

Nature itself is an essential aspect of a student’s learning and development from day one, as it is inborn in our beings. Our environment delivers physical and memorable experiences that nothing else can. Biophilic pieces inspired by nature's therapeutic properties can not only look beautiful but improve learning outcomes.

It is also the perfect opportunity to give your tamariki a sense of place. By connecting your design to the local surrounding environment and its history, you elevate a space’s mana and make it unique amongst the crowd.

Embrace natural colour palettes

Your professional learning environment shouldn't feel like a fast-food playground stuffed full of loud colours and plastic furniture that leaves its inhabitants drained at the end of each day with a head full of unnecessary noise.

Colours of a classroom have a huge impact on students. For example if red is the dominant colour in your room it can quickly divert students focus leading to negative emotions of anger and danger. Contrastingly if you have a deep forest green as the dominant colour this will stimulates feelings of safety, growth and renewal. Shades of Blue are also great to bring about calm in the classroom. Pair these with neutral colours and you will have a winner learning space!
Studinest on Wooden Wall
Library Furniture

Use sustainable materials and methodologies

Most of our Outdorable range is made from natural acetylated weatherproof timber which has been sustainably sourced. Not only is this material hard wearing and incredibly long lasting, it is also non-toxic FSC certified with a GOLD standard Cradle to Cradle environmental certificate.

Our premium range of furniture is made from FSC certified Birch Ply, harvested from forests which are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, and environmentally conscious. This material is also CARB 2 compliant, signifying that any formaldehyde released over time is so small, that it poses absolutely no risk to your health.

Ensure your acoustic levels are healthy

Good acoustics strongly support biophilic design. Good acoustics are essential for a healthy learning environment. Taking away sound which bounces off every hard surface means stress of teachers and students reduce as they can focus on the task at hand rather than the many other activities that are going on in a classroom. This means focus increases giving and an overall improvement in well-being.
Kauri Acoustic learning tree

Enable access to breakout ‘safe spaces’

Never underestimate the power of small ‘safe’ spaces where students can go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the classroom. These spaces can be in the form of individual booths or smaller rooms for group work of 2-3 students. In these spaces a student can reset, they feel the freedom to make mistakes without being judged or ridiculed and in general unleash their mind to their inner creativity. Some of the best students work is done in these spaces!