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Starship hospital changed our lives. And while our story had a difficult ending, we knew it could become a legacy for good.

Each purchase from our Starship range makes a difference for New Zealand’s tamariki

Starship Foundation has touched the lives of so many families throughout New Zealand, including ours. To celebrate all the amazing work Starship hospital carries out on a daily basis, we have developed a special range of furniture in their name (including tables, chairs, stools and benches).

For every item sold within the Starship range we pledge to donate $10 dollars to the Starship Foundation. To date, our donations now exceed $10,000. With your support we will work hard to continue to grow this.

The why...

The why...

At the 20 week scan, we became aware that our baby had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). HLHS is a rare congenital heart defect in which the left side of the heart was severely underdeveloped, and his life would be at risk the moment he was born. Casey had to be born in Auckland where he could go straight into his first open heart surgery at Starship Hospital.

There was nothing we could do but pray and trust the surgeons and professional team at Starship to plumb up Casey’s heart so he could live. Casey came through his first operation well considering the immensity of it. After weeks in Starship, we were able to bring him back home to Nelson.

A life changing experience

At four months old, Casey was ready for his next procedure. Again, open-heart surgery was needed. Starship is a world of its own; you become totally involved in this world and detached to what is happening in the world outside. Days of the week become irrelevant, and all your previous life worries melt away as you become totally eclipsed by the care and dedication needed to help your child through.

At 13 months old, Casey was full of personality and taking his first steps when he suddenly became unwell in the night. Starship’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) team came to Nelson and took him back to Auckland on the air ambulance. Back at PICU, we were told the dreaded news that Casey’s condition was critical as he had a clot in his heart, showing signs of heart failure. Over the next 48 hours, the doctors and surgeons did all they could in their power to save him. However, we were not able to, and he went to his heavenly home. The experiences we had in our times at Starship will never be forgotten and have become part of who we are.
A life changing experience
Casey's legacy

Casey's legacy

From these life experiences, our family grew a special interest in baby products, and we began importing a range of bottles which reduced colic. By 2006, this had evolved into nursery furniture and then into childcare furniture and play equipment, which bring us to where we are today. Learning Spaces Global (LSG), is a 100% kiwi owned family business that I am honoured to be part of.

LSG is now recognised internationally with a growing passion for the development and learning environments of children around the world. We are pleased to be able to give back and acknowledge our support for Starship as a campaign supporter of the Starship Foundation.

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